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LMC Group – group of loyalty management companies, providing comprehensive services in design, development and maintenance of the customer loyalty programs.

LMC Group provides full-service including customer data base analytics, program designs and insights' creation as well as loyalty program's support.

LMC Group is exclusive distributor of some data carriers, IT and hardware solutions in Russia.

Our clients are retail chains, mobile and IP telephony operators, petrol station chains, tourist, hotel, banking and insurance companies. Among them LUKOIL-Inter-Card, Amway, Peugeot, Samsung, Schwarzkopf & Henkel, retail chains Dixis, Concept Club, Nastroenie, Stock-Center, SIAB Bank, concierge services Parter.ru and Contramarka.ru.


LMC Projects

Loaylty Consulting Agency.
Loyalty programs developer and implementator.

LMC Operations

Loaylty programs external provider.
An independent provider of loyalty programs outsourcing support.

LMC Soft

Loyalty programs software developer.
Professional software integrator.
LMC Media
Media department of LMC Group. Supports loyalty media resources, including www.loyaltymarketing.ru.
Loyalty Library
Loyalty Library - loyalty marketing web-site

007 (495) 781-83-34

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